Sylhet was AN distended industrial center from the traditional amount, that explains its original human. throughout now, “Sylhet” was haunted by Indo-Aryan and Dravidian tribes although ethnically the population would even have traces of Assamese, Arabs, Persians, Chinese and Turks.[11] it’s conjointly been urged that the capital cities of the …

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Sitakunda (Bengali: সীতাকুণ্ড Shitakunḍo, IPA: [ʂit̪akunɖo]) is associate degree upazila, or social unit, within the city District of Bangla Desh. It includes one urban settlement, the Sitakunda city, and ten unions, the bottom of body units in Bangla Desh. it’s one in all the fourteen upazilas, the second tier of …

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Because of its geographical location this subdistrict has become AN attraction for foreign and native tourists. owing to the tropical weather of East Pakistan most tourists typically attend visit this place throughout winter or in between winter and time of year (October to March). it’s concerning ninety kilometres (56 mi) …

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The Bogra District occupies a crucial place within the legendary and also the earlier historical annals of Bengal. within the ancient amount, it absolutely was a neighborhood of the territory of the Pundras or Paundras, that was famous by the name of Pundravardhana. Pundravardhana was one in every of the …

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Kuakata offers a full read of the sunrise and sunset from an equivalent white sandy beach within the water of the Bay of geographical region. Locally referred to as Shagor Kannya (Daughter of ocean), the long strip of dark, marbleised sand stretches for regarding eighteen kilometres (11 mi). The long …

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Emerald Lake

Picturesque Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is found in Yoho parkland, British Columbia, Canada.[1] it’s the most important of Yoho’s sixty one lakes and ponds, also joined of the park’s premier traveler attractions. Emerald Lake Lodge, a high-end lodge perked up on the sting of the lake, provides native accommodation. A 5.2 km (3.2 …

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Nilgiri Mountain Railway


The Nilgiri Mountain Railway may be a railway in province, India, engineered by a people in 1908, and was at the start operated by the Madras Railway. The railway still depends on its fleet of steam locomotives.[2] nuclear magnetic resonance comes below the jurisdiction of the recently fashioned Salem Division. …

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Ooty Lake


Ooty lake is a man-made lake created by John Sullivan, in 1824. The water flowing down mountain streams within the Ooty depression was dammed to create the lake. The lake became empty on 3 occasions once it broken its band. The lake was originally supposed to be used for fishing …

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Botanical garden at Ooty


Tourism is a vital supply of revenue for the Nilgiris.[25] The district is home to many lovely hill stations fashionable tourists UN agency flock to them throughout summer. These embrace Udhagamandalam (district headquarters), Coonoor, Gudalur and Kotagiri. The Nilgiri Mountain Train, popularly referred to as the Toy Train, attracts tourists …

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Bandarban Wanderful Tourism Place


Bandarban could be a district in South-Eastern People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and a neighborhood of the urban center Division.It’s one among the 3 districts that compose the urban center Hill Tracts, the others being Rangamati District and Khagrachhari District.Bandarban is considered one among the foremost enticing travel destinations in People’s …

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