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Mount : Leshan Giant Buddha, China

10366265_1523806794590180_642474266667830459_nThe Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya (a Bodhisattva usually represented as a very stout monk with a broad smile on his face and with his naked breast and paunch exposed to view) in sitting posture. The Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City, Szechwan province Province, at the confluence of 3 rivers, namely, Min River, Qingyi stream, and Dadu stream. The sculpture makes itself the foremost illustrious scenic spot therein town. In December, 1996, the situation of Gautama Siddhartha was enclosed by UN agency on the list of the globe Heritage sites. Begun within the year 713 within the Tang dynasty, and finished within the year 803, the sculpture took individuals quite ninety years to carve. throughout these years, thousands of employees had spent their efforts and knowledge on the project. because the biggest engraved stone Buddha within the world, the enormous Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story.

Facing the stream, Gautama Siddhartha has symmetrical posture and appears that are superbly captured in its solemn stillness. it’s seventy one meters (about 233 feet) high, and has 8.3-meter-long (about twenty seven feet) fingers. The 9-meter-wide (about thirty feet) instep is sufficiently big for 100 individuals to take a seat on and therefore the 24-meter-wide (about seventy nine feet) shoulder is giant enough to be a basketball playground.

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